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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is the science & practice of controlling indoor climate to provide comfortable and healthy interior conditions.

HVAC system concurrently controls the temperature, purity, humidity, air distribution and noise in the interior spaces of the building. HVAC systems are usually used to ventilate and cool the building.

HVAC software HVAC software HVAC software

Why to learnWhy to learn?

HVAC knowledge is a mandatory requirement for one who plans to construction companies, High raise buildings, Food industries, Power stations, Hospitals, Hyper malls, Pharmaceutical industries, Agricultural industries, Airports, Automobiles industries, Aeronautical Plants, Polymer industries, and many more.

The job profile of the candidates in HVAC includes HVAC engineer, HVAC draftsman, Site engineers, Site supervisor, Quantity Surveyor, HVAC Estimation Engineer etc. This learning makes someone truly employable immediately after a course.

Learning objectiveLearning Objectives:

CADD Center will help you to ace the associated features of HVAC:

  • Refrigerant
  • Location of indoor unit
  • Location of outdoor unit
  • Air-filter location
  • Filter dryer
  • Design and balance of ductwork

Learning OutcomeLearning Outcome:

  • Student will learn about Heating and Air Conditioning Split System.
  • Student will know how Hybrid Heat Split System works to improve energy efficiency.
  • Student will learn about Duct-Free Split Heating & Air Conditioning System.
  • Student will know how Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System works.

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