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Structural Design

Structural Design comprises of various courses, which includes industry specific CAD software that are used by Structural Engineer or Civil Engineers or Architects for accomplishing preliminary tasks like outlining designs, gathering data, performing graphic imaging, drawing sketches of existing structures and interpreting structural markups.

CAD software is used to aid in designing and physically integrating buildings and other large structures such as buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc.

structural design Structural Engineering:

Structural Engineer is part of civil engineering in which engineers are educated for understanding, predicting, and calculating the stability, rigidity & strength of built structures. They also develop designs and integrate their design with designs of other designers, and supervise construction of projects.

Structural Engineering applies the concepts physics along with practical knowledge of the structure performance on diverse materials and geometries. Structural Engineering also involves designing of machinery, vehicles and medical equipment where structural integrity affects functioning and safety.

structural design

Employments Employments:

Structural Engineers with CAD skills are eligible to get employment in various sectors such as:

  • Government Departments
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Consultant for Architects and Civil Engineers
  • Self-Employed Building Designers

CAD Courses at CADD Centre CAD Courses at CADD Centre:

CADD Centre is an authorized training centre which offers courses in various combinations and as a stand-alone basis for different software in Structural Engineering. We teach latest versions of world's most popular software products for AutoCAD 2D 3D, ANSYS Civil, PRO Steel, etc.

After gaining the CAD skills, any structural engineer can easily find employment in government as well as private sectors thereby easily performing computations, administrative works, documentation and project reports generation.

Courses offered at CADD Centre Courses offered at CADD Centre:

CADD Centre offers training on following courses for Structural Engineers

structural design course

job title Job Titles:

Jobs students can look for the following job opportunities:

  • Structural Design Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Structural Designer
  • Structural Detailer
  • RCC Detailer
  • Structural Steel Detailer
  • Structural Project Engineer

certification Certifications offered by CADD Centre:

CADD Centre offers following combinational course certifications for Structural Engineers:

  • Master Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
  • Professional Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Standalone Courses

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