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Websites by CADD Centre Training Services Pvt. Ltd. or its associates Synergy School of Business Skills is subject to these terms of use. These Terms of Use can be revised, modified or replaced by other terms and conditions, e.g. in the case of new courses and certifications.

In the case of web offers aimed at organizations or public enterprises, such companies are represented by the customer and must suppose that the consumer has suitable knowledge and acts consequently.


  • CADD Centre website contains explicit documentation or information for viewing or downloading.
  • CADD Centre may stop the operation of any of its websites partially or completely, at any time.

Registration and Password

The customer should provide correct information during the registration process and should update if the information alters over time, with no delay.

The customer should make sure that the User Details is not accessible by any third party.

CADD Centre reserves the right to refuse registration and is permitted to, any time, and with no commitment to give explanations, to refuse the customers the right to access the password protected area by blocking its User Data, if the customer, in particular:

  • Uses false data or inaccurate information during registration.
  • Violates the Terms of Use or neglects its duty of care or any applicable laws with regard to User Data.
  • Didn’t used CADD Centre website for a longer period.

Right to Use of information

  • The use of any information made accessible via CADD Centre website is subject to the Terms of Use or license terms formerly agreed to with CADD Centre.
  • Documentation or Information should not be distributed or rented by the customer to any third party at any time.
  • The Documentation or Information is sheltered by copyright laws.

User Duties

While using CADD Centre website, the user shall not

  • Violate any intellectual property right.
  • Upload any contents containing a virus, so-called Trojan horse.
  • Breach public morality in its manner of use.
  • Distribute unsolicited emails (so called “Spam”) or inaccurate warning viruses.

Data Privacy Protection

For collection, processing and use the personally identifiable data of the user of CADD Centre website, CADD Centre shall comply with applicable laws on data privacy protection and CADD Centre Data Privacy policy.

Supplementary Agreements and Applicable Law

Any supplementary agreement requires an on paper form.

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