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CATIA Kinematics


CATIA Kinematics is a very popular and useful engineering tool that is basically used by designers and engineers for creating and simulating animations and prototypes virtually.

It is developed by the French company Dassault Systemes.

CATIA Kinematics workbench contains DMU (Digital Mock-Up), which allows engineers to create simulations of assemblies.

CATIA Kinematics CATIA Kinematics CATIA Kinematics

Why to learnWhy to learn?

CATIA Kinematics course mainly concentrates on functionality delivery within the DMU Kinematics (KIN) workbench. Further which will allow the user to create & simulate mechanisms within the CATIA assembly context.

This course will cover the complete range of simulation & analysis functionality available within the DMU Kinematic workbench.

It is widely used for robotics designs.

Learning objectiveLearning Objectives:

CADD Center will help you to ace the associated features of CATIA Kinematics:

  • Simulation Evaluation
  • Converting Constraints to Joints
  • Simulation With Respects to Time
  • Mechanism Dress-up Features
  • Kinematics Sequences

Learning OutcomeLearning Outcome:

  • Student will learn how to build functioning Kinematic mechanisms by adding mechanical joints.
  • Student will be able to define the interaction between components and their associated degrees of freedom.
  • Student will know to evaluate the performance of any mechanisms completely.

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