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AECOsim is a software course which integrates multiple disciplines like architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, etc. It is helpful for designing, analyzing, constructing, and managing buildings of all types and scales successfully. Efficiently corresponds design intent with information-rich deliverables and boosts productivity by bridging obstacles between teams. With this software, one can easily & quickly deliver sustainable and high-performance buildings.

AECOsim software AECOsim software AECOsim software

Why to learnWhy to learn?

AECOsim Building Designer is the only information modelling software that comprises tools for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems design, construction documentation, and any type and scale of building visualization.

Learning objectiveLearning Objectives:

CADD Center will help you to ace the associated features of AECOsim:

  • Conceptual Mass Modelling: Creating Conceptual mass modelling and building smart model by adding spaces and making walls from space.
  • Collaboration: Contains architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural systems design tools in a single application. Helpful for coordinating designs better a common design atmosphere and a smooth workflow. Resolving clashes by using built-in clash detection and share model mark-ups and documentation across teams to decrease project errors.
  • Design: Modeling, editing, and documenting designs easily with stairs and railings, parametric components etc.
  • Creating Grids for structural projects and making the structural concrete frames.

Learning OutcomeLearning Outcome:

  • Drawing / Drafting / Placing Elements: Student will know how to draft or draw in AECOsim workspace using different drafting tools. They will also know how to place the elements from libraries.
  • Conceptual Mass Modelling: Student will learn to create virtually any building of any form, size, and geometric complexity. They can add floors to the model and create intelligent mass modelling.
  • Federated Approach for Simplified Modelling: Student will know the power of Federated Approach for all Building Models. It will save system memory and large file handling. They will know how to create Architectural master model based on Federated Approach.
  • Structural Building Designer: Student will know how to Model Concrete structures from walls, foundations, and columns to other structural components. Produce plans, framing layouts, sections, and elevations and more.

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