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Electric Vehicle Technology: The Future on Wheels

The future vehicles are electric vehicles (EV). The push from India’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan is expected to put 10 million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020 and achieve 30% e-mobility by 2030.

To compete in the future, the industry is investing today in new capacities and competencies. Considering the incredible activity, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship estimates that the EV industry will generate 10 million new, additional jobs within a decade.

Multiple Skills and the Right Blend

However, being at the intersection of diversified fields such as engineering, chemistry, physics, and information & communication technology, the EV industry demands people with varied knowledge and multiple skills.

And the blend should be just right for each specialized industry verticals. In response to the burgeoning need for the right skills, CADD Centre has introduced training programs for fast growing job providers.

Created with industry inputs, each of the program covers skill sets around the three core areas domains of: design, simulation, and product lifecycle management (PLM).

Portfolio of Programs

Gain entry into the sprawling EV eco-system by enrolling yourself in a program that caters to the job needs of component manufacturers, embedded software companies, OEMs, charging service providers, and many more.

Powertrain - Design & Simulation

What you will learn?

Design of sustainable and clean powertrains; interrelations of transmission, electric motor, battery and controls. Different modelling methodologies including Software in the Loop modelling, and EV simulators.

EV Auxiliary Systems - Design & Simulation

What you will learn?

Design of EV's major components such as motor, controller, powersource, charger and drivetrain. Auxiliary Power Module design and advanced numerical simulation for hybrids and EVs.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

What you will learn?

ADAS and automated driving (AD) applications for safe human-machine interface; design of multiple sensors such as cameras and radars & sensor technologies like Image Signal Processors (ISP).

Infotainment Design and Support

What you will learn?

Design of integrated head-unit, heads-up display, high-end DSPs and GPUs, and Operating Systems, and integration of V2X connectivity solutions, telematics devices, smartphones, sensors.

EV Maintenance and Support System

What you will learn?

Maintenance and support of charging-device maintenance, battery capacity and usage monitoring, EV system diagnosis, and e-power train. Maintenance of charging point, interconnected charging infrastructure; guarantee of EVSE connectivity.

Production - Assembly & Disassembly

What you will learn?

Assembly and disassembly of EV batteries, multi-material components, materials, production, and final assembly. Roll off assembly lines. Manual assembly and disassembly for environmental policies. Vehicle dynamics.

Charging Station - Infrastructure & Design

What you will learn?

Basics of electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, charging stations design, EV charger block diagram, technical & design guidelines, design of charging stations for urban settings, power module, site design, and charging station installation.

Statutory Safety Regulations

What you will learn?

Potential hazards relating to EVs, charging infrastructure. Regulatory frameworks and safety guidelines for the design, specification, supply of EVs. Global Technical Regulation for EVs, ensuring high voltage electrical safety, and safety of electrical components.

EV Aesthetics

What you will learn?

EV concept design, layout, architecture, and vehicle prototypes. Balanced weight distribution, aerodynamics and appearance. Styling roof and bonnets. Combining design, aesthetics and quality.

Service Centre Requirement

What you will learn?

Design and usage of EV service equipment and systems including electrical conductors, related equipment, software, and communications protocols. Other tools of electric charging and recharging points / stations.

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